HE40 & HEA10 One to Show/One to Go. Valid from June 1 through June 30, 2015

Program Details:

Due to great interest in the recent AW-HE40 “One to Show, One to Go” program, Panasonic is pleased to reintroduce this program for all HE40 models, as well as the new AW-HEA10 Touch Assist System.

PDF Details Sheet

Program Terms & Conditions:

  • “One to Show” at 25% off reseller cost (this unit must be used for demonstration purposes and
    cannot be sold for 90 days)
  • “One to Go” at 12% off reseller cost (this unit can be sold immediately)
  • Must buy as “One to Show, One to Go” combo — NOT just “One to Show”
  • Only one “One to Show, One to Go” per applicable model (e.g., AW-HE40xxx – all models) is
    allowed per reseller office. However, PO can include “One to Show…” orders for more than one
    reseller office.
  • AW-HEA10 “One to Show, One to Go” terms are the same as for the HE40. However, the HEA10
    “One to Show…” must be ordered with an HE40 “One to Show, One to Go…”
  • PO must be accompanied by two Special Pricing Letters issued by the Reseller’s Partner Sales Manager. One SPL for the 25% the other for the 12% discounts.
  • POs for this “One to Show…” discount should be just for this promotion, and not be combined with any other models or discounts.

Qualifying Products:


As a reminder, this “One to Show, One to Go” promotion is in addition to the (1) $100 HE40 Reseller Salesperson Spiff and (2) FREE AW-SFU01 HE40 END-USER Upgrade, which will extend through June 30. As always, thank you for your strong support of Panasonic and our PTZ lineup. Please contact your Panasonic Partner Sales Manager for more details.