Enhanced HE120 Reseller Spiff and Rebates Increased and Extended. Valid: March 24 through August 30, 2015

Valid: March 24 through May 31, 2015 or when all remaining new, first inventory of AW-HE120KPJ, AW-HE120WPJ are
sold — whichever comes first

Program Details:

Dealer Spiff on Panasonic best-selling AW-HE120 PTZ cameras has been increased from $200 to $300 per camera, and the Reseller Instant Rebate has been doubled from $200 to $400.

HE120 Spiff Form

A 12% Deal Registration Discount will continue to be available for qualifying sales of the AW-HE120 series.

Qualifying Models:

Eligible products include new, first inventory units the AW-HE120KPJ, AW-HE120WPJ

Please Note:
The $500 End-user Rebate for AW-HE120 cameras expired March 31, 2015.